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Detailed information:
You will notice THIS current website is called "Government Blunders", but it was originally called "The Evil ANC"
I am deeply sorry for ever calling this site The Evil ANC and did not fully understand at the time how wrong it was to do that.
That is why the site was shortly renamed "Government Blunders", but the URL domain ( remained the same.
This page is being MOVED so that the URL will no longer contain the words "Evil ANC".

I am in no way saying that the ANC is devoid of blame over the HIV/AIDS issue, or in fact on many issues, BUT, to call the ANC government of South Africa "Evil" would be rather imbalanced because there are many aspects of the ANC (and PEOPLE of the ANC) that are not evil at all.
Further more, I do not believe that if someone genuinely wants to make positive change within the ANC, it is better to use facts than to use name-calling and generalisations.
Once again I apologise for ever using the name "The Evil ANC".

If you ever needed to link to this page to find details about HIV/AIDS and how the South African government is/was mismanaging the issue, please CHANGE it to the new link: